Website Policy Approved by NSLPS Board, April 16, 2003

The NSLPS Website is dedicated to the lighthouses of Nova Scotia.

It is recognized that the NSLPS Website is used by tourists to plan trips. With this in mind, the primary purpose of this website is the promotion of the historical, cultural and technical details of Nova Scotia's lighthouses. Our mission is to provide the public with all the information, photos, stories and facts we have collected about our Nova Scotia lighthouses, their keepers and changing government lighthouse policies.


  • to make the history of Nova Scotia's lighthouses widely available to the public
  • to encourage and support the preservation and community ownership of Nova Scotia's lighthouses
  • encourage and support lighthouse research
  • to give information about NSLPS and enhance our public image

Content Policy:

  1. Content of webpages shall be directly related to lighthouses, lighthouse history, lighthouse research, lighthouse preservation, lighthouse news and events, and to NSLPS.
  2. Where information about tourist facilities is included it shall be about facilities offered at a lighthouse site.
  3. Links shall be to other lighthouse related sites, usually on a reciprocal basis. However, a link may be created to an Affiliate member of NSLPS without reciprocity. A link to Nova Scotia Tourism is included in recognition of their support of the Society.

Affiliates Member Policy:

  1. NSLPS Affiliate Groups are listed on the "Lighthouses to Visit" page.
  2. A link may be created to any Affiliate Group having a website.
  3. Affiliate Groups operating lighthouse sites are linked directly to the visitor information section of the appropriate lighthouse page on the NSLPS site.
  4. Information about Affiliates is provided by the Affiliates and NSLPS takes no responsibility for accuracy of the visitor information section.
  5. If an Affiliate ceases to pay for Affiliate Membership their name and link is removed from the "Lighthouses to Visit" page. The information remains on the lighthouse page and the link can be re-created if the former Affiliate re-joins.

Product Sales: Any products sold through the NSLPS site shall be approved by the NSLPS Board.

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