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This attractive lighthouse, which originally was built on a pier, now sits on a crib at the east side of the entrance to Shelburne Harbour. At low tide the tapered wooden tower is accessible across a sand bar. There is a sandy beach, swimming, birding, and a community hall where snacks may be available. Many festivals and activities take place here in summer, especially lobster dinners.

Contributor: Kathy Brown
Source: NSLPS Database, Sandy Point Recreation Group
Photo - © Shirley Heneon


SANDY POINT - Light Details

  • Light Type: Cassion Light
  • Location: East side of entrance to Shelburne Harbour, originally on a pier
  • Standing: This light is still standing.
  • Operating: This light is operational
  • Automated: All operating lights in Nova Scotia are automated.
  • Date Automated: Automated by 1980
  • Decommissioned: This light has been decommissioned.
  • Began: 1873
  • Year Lit: 1873
  • Structure Type: Tapered square wood tower, white, concrete base
  • Light Characteristic: Fixed Red (1990)
  • Tower Height: 044ft feet high.
  • Light Height: 047ft feet above water level.

History Items for This Lighthouse

  • 1880 - alteration - 1922 - 4th order dioptric lens, fixed red, hand fog horn
  • 1930 - hand fog signal in answer to vessels
  • 1960 - 1965 - fog signal in operation
  • 1965 - 1990 - fog horn discontinued - 1990 - electric lantern
  • c. 1999 - decommissioned


  • County: Shelburne
  • Region: South Shore
  • Body of Water: Shelburne Harbour
  • Scenic Drive: Lighthouse Route
  • Site Access: By Car
  • Characteristic: Fixed Red (1990)
  • Tower Height: 044 ft
  • Height Above Water: 047 ft
  • Latitude: 43~41~30
  • Longitude: 65~19~36
  • Off Shore: No
  • Still Standing: Yes
  • Still Operating: No

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