Margaree Island Lighthouse

Margaree Island Lighthouse is situated on Margaree Island, also known as Sea Wolf Island, 8 miles SW of Margaree Harbour, Cape Breton. The shore of the island is bounded by submerged rocks. Swell rolls entirely around the island and there is also a strong tidal flow near the island and between it and the mainland. The building of the lighthouse was therefore important to the fishermen in the area.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Sailing Directions, Gulf and River St. Lawrence, 1985, Department of Fisheries adn Oceans.
Photo - © Don MacDonald, Margaree Island Lighthouse - An example of a smaller concrete lighthouse.

Margaree Island Lighthouse Locator Map


  • Location: In middle of Sea Wolf Island
  • Standing: This light is no longer standing.
  • Operating: This light is no longer operating.
  • Began: 1854
  • Year Lit: 1854
  • Structure Type: Square wood tower, white, dwelling attached
  • Light Characteristic: Occulting White (1922)
  • Tower Height: 027ft feet high.
  • Light Height: 298ft feet above water level.

History Items for This Lighthouse

  • 1908, 1921 - alterations of some form in these years
  • 1900's - kerosene
  • 1922 - 2nd order dioptric lens, group occulting white (30s), 40ft, 298ft
  • 1930 - listed at 40 ft, may be different tower


  • Location: In middle of Sea Wolf Island
  • Standing: This light is still standing.
  • Operating: This light is operational
  • Automated: All operating lights in Nova Scotia are automated.
  • Date Automated: Automated by 1993
  • Began: 1959
  • Year Lit: 1959
  • Structure Type: Concrete tower

Lightkeepers for Margaree Island Lighthouse

McKeen, Nathaniel C. XXXX1857XX


  • County: Inverness
  • Region: Cape Breton Island
  • Body of Water: Northumberland Strait
  • Scenic Drive: Ceilidh Trail
  • Site Access: By Boat
  • Characteristic:
  • Tower Height:
  • Height Above Water:
  • Latitude: 46~21~27.2
  • Longitude: 61~15~49.6
  • Off Shore: Yes
  • Still Standing: Yes
  • Still Operating: No

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