A fresh look and take on our new logo and website!

Why did we change our logo?

The sad state of the oldest operating lighthouse in North America, Sambro Island Lighthouse, was the trigger in 1993 for the creation of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society (NSLPS) that wanted to restore and preserve this lighthouse for future generations.  Over the last 25 years NSLPS has extended its support and services to other Nova Scotia community groups attempting the same with their local lighthouse.  Consequently the 2018 NSLPS  Board decided to go with a more generic logo that does not reflect one lighthouse in particular.  In addition there is now a Sambro Island Heritage Society that uses a similar Sambro Lighthouse logo for their fundraising and the Board wanted to avoid confusion between the two groups.


Why did we update our website?

For two years we have been unable to find a webmaster and we really needed to make changes to the website.  Also many people are now accessing the Internet using smartphone and tablets versus computers.  Therefore we hired a Halifax IT firm to transform it into a more user friendly product for both Board members and the public.  We also wanted to redo the lighthouse list to reflect, for example, which lighthouses were open to the public versus being a great photo op.  Unfortunately some of the lighthouses originally listed as standing are now gone, replaced by a steel tower, and NSLPS is putting these into a new category called “Lost”.   Under each lighthouse name, there will now be links to any local community group supporting the lighthouse and/or to any fantastic No Ka ‘Oi drone video of the lighthouse.

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