Please keep sending your requests for a fix!  Your show of support is working!  Coast Guard is revisiting the Chebucto Head Fog Horn situation given public opposition to not fixing it!

We require public support, from boaters and concerned citizens, to get Department of Fisheries (DFO) and Coast Guard to fix the Chebucto Head Fog Horn!

A concerned boater living near Chebucto Head has informed us of Coast Guard's intention NOT to fix the Chebucto Head Fog Horn:

"Since late February, 2021, the fog horn at Chebucto Head has been silent. Reports indicate that the horn system needs repairs, but according to Coast Guard, there are NO plans to return the horn to service. 

Until February, Chebucto Head had the only operating foghorn in Halifax Harbour and approaches; in fact, it is the only horn remaining between Liscomb Island, on the Eastern Shore, and Lunenburg.  There has been a fog signal in continuous operation at Chebucto Head for 129 years (since 1892). Although radar and GPS allow mariners to navigate more safely than ever, the fog horn at Chebucto Head remains an important part of the system of aids to navigation in the Halifax Harbour and approaches area for ALL MARINERS.

Please let the Coast Guard know you would like to keep the Chebucto Head fog horn sounding."

NSLPS is aware that DFO and Coast Guard's mandate is to provide aids to navigation to all boaters and that they consider lighthouses and fog horns old technology, there being cheaper and newer technology to use instead.   Therefore in order to keep the Chebucto Head fog horn working, we are asking boaters and concerned citizens contact DFO by email or letter to request the repair of the fog horn for use as an aid to navigation in times of fog this 2021 boating season.   Remember that not all boaters have modern navigating equipment on their boat as this is NOT a requirement to their getting a Pleasure Craft Operators' Card (PCOC).  

Please click here for a sample letter in PDF formart you can print and add your name, contact information and the date at the end of the letter:

 Fix Chebucto fog horn letter for Boaters

 Fix Chebucto fog horn letter for concerned citizens

Alternatively click here for an email that you can copy and paste into your own:

Fix Chebucto fog horn email for Boaters

Fix Chebucto fog horn email for concerned citizens





Contact NSLPS

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