46°16'01.5''N    60°07'32.9''W    Google Map


Light Details for This Lighthouse
Location:Northeast entrance to Sydney Harbour
Standing:This light is no longer standing.
Operating:This light is no longer operating.
Year Lit:1832
Structure Type:Octagonal wood tower, red & white stripes, red lantern
Light Characteristic:Flashing White (1922)
Tower Height:069ft feet high.
Light Height:075ft feet above water level.

History Items for This Lighthouse
  •   1857 - fixed white, fountain lamp
  •   1903 - steam fog whistle established
  •   1922 - 3rd order dioptric lens, group flashing white (5s), steam fog whistle
  •   1930 - 69ft, may be different, fog signal operated from seperate building