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During the winter months NSLPS presents public programmes at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, in Halifax, for our members and others who are interested. These have ranged from lightkeepers telling their stories, to historians giving the results of research, to displays and lighting of antique lighthouse apparatus. We look for subjects people who like lighthouses would find interesting. If you have an idea for a programme, and someone who could do it, get in touch with the society by e-mail!

In the summer, we host guided trips to light stations. Unfortunately, due to the concern of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans regarding environmental contamination in lighthouse buildings, we are no longer able to take trip participants inside the buildings. Though this is not a happy situation, we're finding that visiting these places (some of which are hard to get to on your own), seeing the unique buildings, and enjoying the ocean environment is still a thrill for everyone who comes along. These trips remain very popular.

The following are our Trips and Programmes for the next few months. For further information or to register, e-mail NSLPS