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Welcome to the NSLPS Guestbook. We welcome your comments and suggestions about our website and our efforts to save lighthouses. We read all your submissions but we do reserve the right to moderate the comments on this page to ensure they are suitable for all audiences.
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Guestbook Entries

Suzanne Bourdon    484 Cape St. Mary's Rd., Cape St. Mary's NS (Clare, NS)September 15, 2016
Great website. My partners family resides in a former lighthouse keepers house that was relocated not far from the original site. We are just a hop skip and a jump away from its original home, Cape St. Mary's Lighthouse. I am very concerned about the current lighthouse and am interested in knowing how I may be involved in ensuring that the structure gets the necessary repairs that it needs to remain viable and continue to be a part of our landscape for generations to come.

Doris Fairweather    April 06, 2016
Hi, This is an amazing site. I am a teacher with the Calgary Board Of Education in Alberta. We are studying Nova Scotia, specifically Meteghan. BUT, we are also learning about light houses. I unfortunately, have never been to your beautiful province and seeing your information is outstanding. I would suggest though, perhaps making a virtual tour of one of your light houses. THAT would be magnificent. Thanks so much!!!

Kathy Dowling    42 Highland Ave Charlottetown P.E.I.October 05, 2015
A very nice site to become knowledgeable about the lighthouse history of Nova Scotia. well done.

Michael Arabia    Steubenville, Ohio USA.August 21, 2015
Never been to Nova Scotia, yet. I'm a lighthouse enthusiast and hope to visit your province in the future!

angus osborne    mill road, mount uniakeAugust 09, 2015
Very good website. I have heard a lot about the work that your orginization and its people do. Very good work and all I can say is thank you. Having grown up a keepers son and living in a lighthouse I realize the importance of keeping the lighthoses, their stories and history alive for all to enjoy. Keep up the good work.

Wendy Etheridge    Calgary, AlbertaJuly 25, 2015
I recently was visiting N.S. and made it my mission to visit as many lighthouses as I could !I spent 6 days travelling and with the use of your maps, found and photographed 25 lighthouses. I appreciate your site and the information contained therein very much. I had a most enjoyable time visiting places I hadn't been before. I used to live in N.S., but moved away in 1980. Have visited many times since but always had other things to do.

Helen Crocker    199 Paddy's Head Road, Indian Harbour, NSJuly 06, 2015
Keep up the good work folks! Build awareness, crowd fund, be transparent as lighthouses matter.

Stephen faye    June 29, 2015
Volounteer at the Sandypoint lighthouse community center

Ralph Desiderio    NYC, USAJune 29, 2015
Visited Fort Point in Liverpool, wonderful! Help was very nice and the lighthouse and area around the light house was immaculate.

Audrey Murray    N.SMay 16, 2015
Which lighthouses are for sale here in N.S? What a shame that they may just rot away.

Glen Beaton    New Waterford, Nova ScotiaMay 08, 2015
My Dad, John Beaton was keeper on Guyon Island in the 60's... we lived on the Island for almost 4 years

BetyAnn Power    22 Glen Park Drive Welland Ont..L3C6J9April 30, 2015

Jean Mac Aulay    Sydney NSApril 12, 2015
Beautiful Website!

Angie Willett    OntarioMarch 10, 2015
My grandmother was Laura Spencer. She grew up in Spencer Point Lighthouse. I copied Vol 16 of the Lightkeeper as there was a picture of the lighthouse. Brings back memories. :-)

Greg Ferens    February 12, 2015
Great site!

Margaret Anderson    Pictou County, NSJanuary 29, 2015
My Father and Grandfather were both lightkeepers at the Caribou Island Lighthouse. My Father purchased the Lighthouse 2 and my parents lived in it until their death. Dad was born in the house when it was a working lighthouse in 1916

Tom Roberts    24 Acorn Road, Halifax, NSJanuary 25, 2015
This website is the best and most up to date website for lighthouses I have found anywhere in the country. Keep up the good work.

Glen Billeter    Sunbury, OhioDecember 14, 2014
Would love to own a lighthouse as a great retirement project to restore. Looking forward to moving to Chester, NS. LOVE YOUR WEB SITE! Helps to keep my dream alive. Thanks

Charlie Wayne    Charleston, NCDecember 05, 2014
Thanks for all the great information on your website.

David & Linda Rosenbloom    Los Angles, CA, U.S.A.November 17, 2014
What great website! We are members of the U.S. Lighthouse Society and do social media for them as volunteers. We have traveled all over the U.S. visiting lighthouses (120 and counting so far) and are planning a two-three week trip to Nova Scotia in 2015, and are very interested in seeing your historic lighthouses, among other sites. We will probably spend a week in the south between Yarmouth and Halifax and than go north to Cape Breton for a week. Any suggestions on lighthouses to visit would be appreciated.

kathleen richardson-prager    Nova ScotiaNovember 13, 2014
good website, I love lighthouses especially the ones in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

marla webber    71 tannery roadNovember 05, 2014
Thank you keeping the spirit of the lights alive! As a keeper of the historic values, myself working at Fort Point Museum in LaHave, shared on this site I applaud all the care and hard work.

Parker Hill    Halifax, NSOctober 28, 2014
What a wonderful website. I am amazed at the amount of information and maps you have for all the lighthouses in Nova Scotia.