Coldspring Head Lighthouse

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Coldspring Head Lighthouse Scenic Route: Sunrise Trail
County: Cumberland

45° 57' 44.8'' N
-63° 51' 54.5'' W

Description:The Coldspring Head lighthouse was built and activated in 1890 as an oil light; it was electrified in 1980 but deactivated by the Canadian Coast Guard in 2011. In 2016 ownership of the lighthouse and surrounding property was transferred to the Coldspring Heritage Society by the Government of Canada.

The light was first maintained by the Brownell family of Northport. Then, for many years, until it was electrified, by the Embree family who owned farmland at Coldspring Head where the lighthouse sits. Elmer Embree (1878-1971) as lightkeeper, visited the light every evening, ensuring that it was operating properly, replenishing the oil, polishing the lens, trimming the wicks, and lighting the lamp. Oil for the lamp was brought by ship to a nearby dock, offloaded and rolled up to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse, with a focal plane 18m (~60 ft) above sea level, is at the top of a square pyramidal white shingled wooden tower with red trim and red lantern housing. The original white lamp had a visibility of approximately 12 miles into the Northumberland Strait and flashed every 5 seconds. At present the lamp has been removed from the tower but it presently sits inside the main floor of the tower.

Lighthouse Closed To Visitors Parking available.