Walton Harbour Lighthouse

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Walton Harbour Lighthouse Scenic Route: Glooscap Trail
County: Hants

45° 14' 00'' N
-64° 00' 48'' W

Season:May 15 - October 15

Hours:8am - 8pm

Walton was once a busy Hants County port and today its lighthouse is a symbol of that bustling, sea-based economy. Constructed in 1873, the light's flashing character was provided by a clockwork mechanism that the keeper had to wind each night. Nine keepers tended the light during the nine decades that it was staffed. In the early 1970s, the light was discontinued, and today it is the only original lighthouse remaining in Hants County. The striking white tower is open to the public during the summer. The beautiful panorama from the lantern includes views of Cape Blornidon and spectacular Minas Basin sunsets.

Parking available. Disabled persons can get close to lighthouse Picnic tables available. Washrooms available. Entrance by donation. Guides or information boards. Birding & Nature Walking or Hiking Trails Scenic location.