Coffin Island Lighthouse

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44° 02' 01.1'' N    -64° 37' 41.8'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info44° 02' 01.1'' N    -64° 37' 41.8'' W    Google Map

Armour Rock at Coffin Island Lighthouse
© Chirs Mills
Armour Rock at Coffin Island Lighthouse
November, 1999
The work on Coffin Island is complete. Large scale re-enforcement with armour rock and infill was installed around the lighthouse over the summer and the work went off without a hitch. The Coast Guard says it exceeds their standards. Based on similar work on Islands in Mahone Bay, the Coffin Island group feels Coffin Should be safe for many years.

Update 2006
The power of the ocean in Liverpool Bay is tremendous, Storms moved the armour rock, and by 2006 the lighthouse was undermined once again . Storms also washed the buoy, which was set out to replace the lighthouse, ashore! So the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) had no choice but to retain a land-based beacon. Because of the work of the Coffin Island Society, and the fact that many people come to view the lighthouse from Beach Madows, DFO decided to replace the lightouse with a round, tapered fiberglass tower rather than a skeleton tower.

Coffin Island Lighthouse may be viewed from the beach at Beach Meadows, between Eagle Head and Brooklyn. The boat club at Brooklyn sometimes does boat trips to the island.

Contributor: Dan Conlin