Coffin Island Lighthouse

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44° 02' 01.1'' N    -64° 37' 41.8'' W
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Coffin Island Lighthouse, 2000
© Chirs Mills
Coffin Island Lighthouse, 2000
The lighthouse after armour rock was added on the shore in 1999.
On June 26, 1811, Simeon Perkins, a 75-year-old town official and diarist from Liverpool, Nova Scotia, recorded a pleasant trip to inspect the lighthouse (Coffin Island Lighthouse) being built on the island at the entrance to Liverpool Bay: "they have dug for the foundation ... there is a kind of Moss & turf on the surface then about two feet deep comes to a hard pan ... which I think will be a good bottom to Build the Foundation upon - it is about 90 feet from the Sea Wall ... at present the distance is very well but there may be Some danger (as the wood is Cut away ) of the Sea wearing away the Land in time."

Prophetic words! A hundred and eighty seven years later the successor to the lighthouse that Perkins helped found, standing on the fifth oldest lighthouse site in all of Nova Scotia, is on the edge of succumbing to the sea which has eroded up to it and around it. 1/8 of the base is undermined. The Canadian Coast Guard plans to replace the light with a buoy and has proposed demolishing the tower as a safety hazard. It is feared that the light will topple in a winter storm. The newly formed Coffin Island Lighthouse Heritage Society has won a one year reprieve on demolition to give time to find a way to save the tower and protect its site.

Contributor: Dan Conlin