Cape Sable Lighthouse

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43° 23' 24'' N    -65° 37' 16.9'' W
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43° 23' 24'' N    -65° 37' 16.9'' W    Google Map

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Cape Sable Lighthouse Locator Map
Cape Sable Lighthouse Locator Map
Cape Sable itself is a low, sandy islet about 3 miles long, lying just offshore from Cape Sable Island at the extreme SW corner of Nova Scotia. The Mi'kmaq name for the island was "Kespoogwitik" which meant "where the land ends." As early as 1554, Portuguese cartographers called the area Beusablom, "a sandy bay." French explorer Champlain used the French version of that name, "Cap de Sable," and when New England settlers occupied the land in 1761, the name became Cape Sable.

Ledges and shoals run seaward south and west of Cape Sable for 4 1/2 miles, hazardous to all shipping from the start of exploration here. Though vessels and lives were lost, petitions for a light at Cape Sable were set aside until after the loss of the SS Hungarian on February 20, 1860, her crew, and her passengers - 205 souls.