Cape Roseway Lighthouse

Lighthouse Details
43° 37' 21.4'' N    -65° 15' 50'' W
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43° 37' 21.4'' N    -65° 15' 50'' W    Google Map

Cape Roseway Lighthouse c. 1998
© Hubert Hall
Cape Roseway Lighthouse c. 1998
The current lighthouse is an octagonal concrete building with a red lantern.

Contributors: Chris Mills, Kathy Brown, Bernice Goodick
Sources: Informal Building Report 87-127, Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office (FHBRO), April 11th, 1988, "Atlantic Sentinel" The Standard, Jan. 1950, pp 12 - 15, courtesy Bernice Goodick, and a letter from Bernice.

Cape Roseway Lighthouse   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterShelburne harbour
RegionSouth Shore
Scenic DriveLighthouse Route
Tower Height048ft
Height Above Water111ft
CharacteristicFlashing white (1992)
Still standing:True
Still operating:True