Cape Forchu Lighthouse

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43° 47' 38.8'' N    -66° 09' 19.3'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info43° 47' 38.8'' N    -66° 09' 19.3'' W    Google Map

Cape Forchu Lighthouse Locator Map
Cape Forchu Lighthouse Locator Map
Located near the extreme southwest portion of Nova Scotia, Cape Forchu is a forked tongue of land, discovered in the 17th century by Samuel de Champlain, at the west entrance point into the busy Yarmouth Harbour.It is a light viewed by thousands annually as they enter Canada from the United States en route from two ferries that serve the Harbour. From the base of the light, there is a magnificent view of the Gulf of Maine to the west, which is enlivened even more by the sertting sun. A view to the south shows several off-lying islands, and during certain times, a body of water teeming with busy fishing boats and crashing waves.