Cape Forchu Lighthouse

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43° 47' 38.8'' N    -66° 09' 19.3'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info43° 47' 38.8'' N    -66° 09' 19.3'' W    Google Map

Cape Forchu Light Tower
© Chris Mills
Cape Forchu Light Tower
The Cape Forchu light has always been a tourist attraction. The old timber tower was much photographed, so when the Coast Guard decided in 1961 that it must be replaced, town and tourist officials requested that the new light tower be built along the lines of the old. In October, they were assured by their MP that the new tower would be an outward replica of the old and "there will be no change in the splendid harbour vista." There was considerable controversy, therefore, when the community saw the concrete "apple core" tower rising at the head of the Cape! Many thought the vista was ruined. But, tourists continued to flock there and by 1980 the "apple core" itself was being called "the old Yarmouth light!"

The additional height of the 22.9 metre octagonal concrete tower and the added power of the new dioptric lens added 10 miles to visibility, so that the light can be seen for 22 miles to seaward. Electricity is provided by a cable run from the town of Yarmouth. In 1980, Cape Forchu became the monitoring station for automated lighthouses on the South Shore, using the Intrac 2000 system. In 1993, Cape Forchu was automated and destaffed. Monitoring was transferred to L'Etete, New Brunswick.