Burntcoat Head Lighthouse

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45° 18' 36'' N    -63° 48' 24'' W
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Burntcoat Head Lighthouse Replica
© Courtesy Burntcoat Head Park
Burntcoat Head Lighthouse Replica
The lighthouse at Burntcoat Head was detroyed by the Coast Guard in 1972, when it was replaced by skeleton mast. Erosion had washed away much of teh land on which the building stood. Many citizens of Burntcoat Head wished to see the lighthouse standing once again, overlooking the highest tides in the world!

In 1992, East Hants Tourism Association submitted a proposal to the Central Nova Tourist Association for development of the Fundy Shore thorough Ecotourism. This was seen as an opportunity to obtain core funding to rebuild the light.

The citizens of Burntcoat Head continued to urge the re-building of the light and in August, 1993, the ownership of the property was transferred from the Queen to the Municipality of the District of East Hants. On April 29, 1994, Robert Carruthers, MLA for East Hants announced that the Burntcoat Head Project would receive $37,000.00 through the Co-operation Agreement for Tourism Development. Fundraising in this small community raised more than $5000.00 to add to the grant! In July 1994, plans for the 1913 light were obtained from the Coast Guard, and by November the replica of the second Burntcoat Head light was nearly complete. The Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps built footbridges and developed nature trails, trees have been planted, and picnic tables installed to make a park at the site.

The replica lighthouse contains an interpretive centre about the Fundy tides, old lighthouses, and the history of the area. There is a magnificent panoramic view of the Minas Basin from site. You can watch the ebb and flow of the tides, and see the island where the first light was built, and dozens of rock formations. Visitors have access to the shoreline, but are warned about the tides! The completion of this project is a magnificent achievement by a small community!

Burntcoat Head Park Association

Burntcoat Head Lighthouse   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterMinas Basin
RegionFundy Shore & Annapolis Valley
Scenic DriveGlooscap Trail
Still standing:True
Still operating:False