Walton Harbour Lighthouse

Lighthouse Details
45° 14' 00'' N    -64° 00' 48'' W
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Walton Harbour Lighthouse c. 1999
© Courtesy Walton District Development Association
Walton Harbour Lighthouse c. 1999

The lighthouse is a wooden structure, 15 feet square at the base and 20 feet in height to the floor on the top deck, upon which the lantern sits. The lantern is 8 feet in height, containing the light, elevated 60 feet above high water. The walls of the interior on the lower floor are finished with plaster, on the second floor the walls are sheathed with wood.

Walton Harbour Lighthouse   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterMinas Basin
RegionFundy Shore & Annapolis Valley
Scenic DriveGlooscap Trail
Tower Height020ft
Height Above Water060ft
CharacteristicOcculting White (1941)
Still standing:True
Still operating:False