Spencers Island Lighthouse

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45° 21' 17.9'' N    -64° 42' 37'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info45° 21' 17.9'' N    -64° 42' 37'' W    Google Map

Spencers Island Lighthouse Locator Map
Spencers Island Lighthouse Locator Map
This is a small light located on the Minas Channel, the link between the Minas Basin and the Bay of Fundy. The village of Spencers Island, where the light is located, is named after the nearby island which lies in the channel. In the days of sail this was an important ship building area. Many important vessels were built here and captains of Nova Scotian deep-sea sailing ships were born here.

There were two reasons for establishing a light at Spencers Island. First, in the days of sail this area behind Cape D'Or, was a popular anchorage for vessels waiting for a favourable wind to go up or down the Bay of Fundy. Second, for years after the turn of the century old square riggers were cut down and converted to barges, and used to transport gypsum from near Windsor, N. S., to New York. The barges would be towed by a small tug to Spencers Island where they would wait for an ocean-going tug to pick them up and tow them on to New York. The procedure was reversed for the return passage.