Spencers Island Lighthouse

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45° 21' 17.9'' N    -64° 42' 37'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info45° 21' 17.9'' N    -64° 42' 37'' W    Google Map

The lighthouse was built in 1904 and first lit on July 15 of that year. The project, supervised by the first keeper, Baxter McLellan, cost $645.87. The building, constructed of timber, was 33 feet high from the base to the ventilator on the lantern, with a main floor about l5 feet square and interior stairs leading up to the light. It was built on the beach, 63 feet back from the water to the eastward of the inner end of the Government pier. (Now gone.) The light was fixed red, visible for about 7 miles from all points of approach, with a seventh order dioptric lens.

Courtesy Stanley Spicer

The lighthouse with fog bell.
This photograph is of this tower, which still stands, but is now much closer to the water. It shows the old fog bell apparatus that was used many years ago. There was a winding mechanism, and once wound, the bell would ring for about 12 hours before re-winding was necessary. The first keeper, Baxter McLellan, was paid $100 per year at his appointment in 1904.

The light was discontinued in the 1980's because commercial shipping no longer used the channel. It was acquired by the Spencers Island Community Association from the Federal Government after 2 years of negotiations. It opened to the public in 199I as a small museum with pictures of the sailing vessels built in local shipyards, artifacts and the like. In 1995 and 1996 major renovations were made, funded by local fund raising projects.