Sheet Harbour Passage Front Range Light

Lighthouse Details
44° 51' 30.0'' N    -62° 26' 56.0'' W
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44° 51' 30.0'' N    -62° 26' 56.0'' W    Google Map

The Sheet Harbour Range Lights were lit with kerosene until they were electrified. Laurie A. Spears was caretaker by 1937, and held that position until he died in 1957. The lanterns were lit every night and extinguished in the morning, and Mr. Spears daughter remembers going with her father in the morning to help blow out the lamps. He used a horse and wagon to get to the lights.

Karen Corbin

Sheet Harbour Passage Front Range Light   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterSheet Harbour
RegionEastern Shore
Scenic DriveMarine Drive
Tower Height027ft
Height Above Water052ft
CharacteristicFixed White (1992)
Still standing:True
Still operating:True