Port Greville Lighthouse

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45° 24' 52.5'' N    -64° 33' 09'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info45° 24' 52.5'' N    -64° 33' 09'' W    Google Map

Port Greville Lighthouse - Age Of Sail Museum
© Courtesy the Age of Sail Museum
Port Greville Lighthouse - Age Of Sail Museum
The Port Greville Lighthouse is now located at this museum
Visit Port Greville Lighthouse at the Age Of Sail Heritage Center

A great place to spend an afternoon!
The restored lighthouse is open on the grounds of the Age of Sail Heritage Centre overlooking the Greville River. The museum, includes displays and video about the lighthouse, and highlights ship building and the days of sail in the Minas Basin, with thematic displays, models, artifacts, and a genealogy database. There is a blacksmith shop, an old slip site, and a tea room/gift shop.

Port Greville Lighthouse
� Kathy Brown
Port Greville Lighthouse, 2001