Port Greville Lighthouse

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45° 24' 52.5'' N    -64° 33' 09'' W
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Port Greville Lighthouse
Port Greville Lighthouse
Archival photos and records reveal that the lighthouse was built in 1907 and first lit with kerosene in 1908. For many years it presided over a flourishing harbour full of three masted schooners, busy tugs and log rafts. After the age of sail it stood sentinel to the building and launching of mine-sweepers during World War ll. and the peacetime building of scallop draggers until the late 1960's. A couple of those draggers are still working in the Digby fleet.

One anecdote from the Coast Guard file, involved an emergency in the late 1930's when kerosene supplies ran out. The lightkeeper wrote a desperate plea for a barrel of kerosene to be sent on the next ship to Port Greville because the villagers were having to donate their private stock to keep the lighthouse lit each night!

By the early 1980's, the light was no longer needed for navigation and it was discontinued. It might seem logical that the community would take over the maintenance of the local lighthouse. What isn�t so logical or well known, is that the Port Greville Lighthouse was sawn in half in 1981, craned onto a huge flatbed truck and taken for re-installation at the Coast Guard College in Sydney where it "resided" until 1998. Lucky thing it was! Because it was maintained all those years and not destroyed like so many.