Medway Head Lighthouse

Lighthouse Details
44° 06' 10.6'' N    -64° 32' 23.3'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info44° 06' 10.6'' N    -64° 32' 23.3'' W    Google Map

MEDWAY HEAD I - Light Details

Location:West side of entrance to Port Medway
Standing:This light is no longer standing.
Operating:This light is no longer operating.
Year Lit:1851
Structure Type:Square wood dwelling, white, black square daymark
Light Characteristic:Fixed White (1941)
Tower Height:023ft feet high.
Light Height:044ft feet above water level.

History Items for This Lighthouse

  • 1883 - catatropic lens, fixed white, 10m - 1913 - hand fog horn established