Maugher Beach Lighthouse

Lighthouse Details
44° 36' 08.2'' N    -63° 32' 00.9'' W
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44° 36' 08.2'' N    -63° 32' 00.9'' W    Google Map

Maughers Beach has seen its share of shipwrecks. As early as 1789, the Royal Gazette mentions a wreck going to pieces on the beach. For years the Maughers Beach light keepers displayed the signboard of the Norwegian bark Tordem Skjold, wrecked in 1872. She lost control tacking into the harbour passing too close to the lighthouse which took the wind out of its sails, but the crew managed to scramble safely ashore. In 1940, the British warship HMS Revenge ran down and sank HMCS Ypres, one of the small "gate vessels" that tended the anti-submarine nets running from Maughers Beach across toYork Redoubt. Fortunately no lives were lost.

The Royal Canadian Navy maintains quarantine moorings in the cove. Because of electronic navigation they are now rarely used. One of the most memorable sights there, in the late 1970's, was a freighter that had been holed by an iceberg and managed to limp into Halifax.

Contributor: Dan Conlin, Kathy Brown
Information Sources: Discover McNabs Island by the Friends of Mcnabs Island, Dept. of Marine Annual Reports, Dartmouth Coast Guard Records, Public Archives of Nova Scotia clippings and The Sea Road to Halifax by Hugh Pullen.