Louisbourg Lighthouse

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45° 54' 24.0'' N    -59° 57' 30.5'' W
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The Second Louisbourg Lighthouse Built in 1842
© Courtesy Parks Canada
The Second Louisbourg Lighthouse Built in 1842
Louisbourg's Second Light
During the 19th century, maritime officials took steps to reduce the many navigational risks and ship wrecks along the Atlantic coast. One of the new lighthouses built was the second for Louisbourg, completed in 1842. It was a 2 1/2 storey wooden building that also served as a residence for the keeper. Painted white, it had black vertical stripes. The structure was erected on a massive cut-stone foundation that lay upon the bedrock. There was a full basement in which archaeologists found a wrought iron tank that was identified as being manufactured for the British Navy for holding water or oil. Fire destroyed this building in 1922.

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