Louisbourg Lighthouse

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45° 54' 24.0'' N    -59° 57' 30.5'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info45° 54' 24.0'' N    -59° 57' 30.5'' W    Google Map

Louisbourg – the First Lightkeeper

The first keeper at Louisbourg Lighthouse was Jean Guinard dit Belair (1674 – 1744). He was born at Poitiers and joined the Marine Service (Navy). He was sent to Placentia, Newfoundland, to help protect the fishery. In 1713, the French left Newfoundland and went to Cape Breton. Jean went to Louisbourg and in 1726 he retired from the Marine Service to do carpentry full-time.

Jean was working class and could neither read nor write. He married twice and had two children from his first marriage and four from the second. He kept four goats and a ram to help feed his family, and he had his own canoe.

As keeper of the Louisbourg Lighthouse he was paid 350 livre ($7000.00) per year. His son Nicholas helped. He kept lighthouse until he died at age 70, from 1734 - 1744.