Hampton Lighthouse

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44° 54' 20.0'' N    -65° 21' 10.0'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info44° 54' 20.0'' N    -65° 21' 10.0'' W    Google Map

The first light keeper was Tom Burton. He tended the light for only a short period of time. Herbert Foster took over from Tom. In the 1920's Vernon Dunn took over from Herbert. Claude Hamilton from Vernon in 1950's. Government changed in 1957 so Frank Cropley got the keeper's job from Claude but by this time the lighthouses were being automated, so Frank got very little pay, a short time after the light keeper was replaced by the Department of Transport, whose men came every month or so to check on the light house.

Contributor: Louise Sanderson, Kathy Brown
Sources: Former lightkeepers