Hampton Lighthouse

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44° 54' 20.0'' N    -65° 21' 10.0'' W
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The Lighthouse Today

In 2001, the lighthouse became the second in the Maritime Provinces to be passed over to a non-profit community group through the federal government's lighthouse transfer initiative.

Celebrating the Signing of the Agreement
On Friday November 30, 2001, the lights shone brightly at the Hampton Community Hall, sprightly music played and the tables were decorated with lighthouses. The community was gathered to celebrate the signing of the agreement passing ownership of the Hampton Lighthouse from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to the Hampton Lighthouse Society (Formerly the Tidal View Drive Association.). Hampton is the second light in Canada to be passed over for $1.00 under the 96-1 Directive (Cape Forchu, near Yarmouth, was the first.), and the first to be passed to a community non-profit association. Louise Sanderson and Barb Sancton, who did much of the work to get the light were glowing. Barb presented a special "loonie" ($1.00 coin) to Ed Gibney, who represented the Department of Fisheries and Oceans - the actual loonie given to her at the end of a yard sale to make up the society s first $1000 in fund raising.

Looking After the Lighthouse
The original group has evolved in to the Hampton Lighthouse and Historical Society. The group is now responsible for keeping it light lit and for maintenance.  In the past few years they have undertaken the painting of the lighthouse from top to bottom and made extensive repairs to the lantern room.

Source: NSLPS Newsletter "The Lightkeeper"