Hampton Lighthouse

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44° 54' 20.0'' N    -65° 21' 10.0'' W
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John Titus had the contract to build the Hampton Lighthouse. It was built November, 1911 by Joseph Marshall on a parcel of land bought from Lloyd Brooks. When it was built it had a kerosene lamp that had to be lit each night at sunset and extinguished at daylight. The lightkeeper lived in his house in the village. Supplies, such as oil about five or six 45 gal. drums, brooms, rags, mops, paint, pails, soaps, etc. were brought by ship once a year, usually in June by the buoy boat "Dollard". She would heave to about a mile offshore then a large tender or walk boat with about 20 sailors, mostly French, would bring the supplies ashore. If it was low tide they would land on the beach, offload the oil drums onto planks and roll them all the way up the hill to the lighthouse. If it were high tide or if they could come along side the wharf, they would parbuckle the oil filled drums onto the wharf and roll them up the hill.
The picturesque Hampton Lighthouse was originally lit by kerosene when it was built in 1911. The lightkeeper lived in the village and travelled to the light each night to light the lamp inside the little sixth-order lens. The light was changed to electric in the 1940's. Between February and May 1993, the Coast Guard re-shingled the sides and repaired the lantern.

Courtesy Hampton Lighthouse Society

Hampton Lighthouse at the time when it was passed over to the Lighthouse Society

The first light keeper was Tom Burton. He tended the light for only a short period of time. Herbert Foster took over from Tom. In the 1920's Vernon Dunn took over from Herbert. Claude Hamilton from Vernon in 1950's. Government changed in 1957 so Frank Cropley got the keeper's job from Claude but by this time the lighthouses were being automated, so Frank got very little pay, a short time after that, the light keeper was replaced by the Department of Transport, whose men came every month or so to check on the light house. This was the case until 2001 when DFO transferred the ownership.
Hampton Lighthouse Society
Craig Harding Award for Lighthouse Preservation, 2009

ContributorS: Louise Sanderson, Joan Ellis-Hill, Kathy Brown. Sources: Former lightkeepers