Gilberts Cove Lighthouse

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44° 29' 42'' N    -65° 57' 12'' W
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By the late 1970's vandalism was destroying the boarded-up lighthouse. Through the insight and determination of Ernie Morrisey and interested neighbours, the Gilbert Cove and District Historical Society was established in 1982. With provincial government agreement the property was leased to the Society indefinitely.

With volunteer help and some grant money, the Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse was repaired and made suitable for a small museum, tearoom and gift shop in 1984. The grounds were cleaned up to provide a pleasant picnic area. In 1990, the Lighthouse was declared a Provincial Heritage Site.

In 2003, thanks to grants from the NSLPS J.M. Kaplan Fund and government, the lighthouse was further repaired and armour stone added to the property to halt erosion. The tower was repaired and a red electric light now shines there, as a reminder of the original lighting mechanism.

Visitors are free to tour the lighthouse which houses archival displays, an active quilting room, local crafts and a tearoom. There is also a craft shop. The picnic grounds and surrounding shore are freely accessible, with bird nesting marshlands in the area. Community events are held at the lighthouse during the summer. The Annual Lighthouse Family Picnic is held the 3rd Sunday in July.   For details, see Events - Trips and Programs in July.

Contributors: Lorraine Lovett & Kathy Brown
Photograph: Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Gilbert Cove and District Historical Society.
Sources: Lorraine Lovett