Gilberts Cove Lighthouse

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44° 29' 42'' N    -65° 57' 12'' W
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Gilberts Cove Lighthouse, 2005
© Courtesy Gilbert Cove and District Historical Society
Gilberts Cove Lighthouse, 2005
The lighthouse after major restoration.
This is a square keeper's house painted white with the lighthouse lantern atop the roof. Whereas most lighthouse keepers lived separately from the light itself, the lighthouse keeper and family lived in this lighthouse for over 50 years. It is perched upon a small point of land 15 feet above high water level. The lighthouse is one of only three of this type left in Nova Scotia.

The light tower with its cat walk, 29 feet above the base of the solidly built house, has inside steep-stair accessibility. Painted wooden floors and interior walls add to the building's sturdy and residential character.

Contributors: Lorraine Lovett & Kathy Brown
Photograph: Gilbert Cove and District Historical Society.
Sources: Lorraine Lovett

Gilberts Cove Lighthouse   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterSt. Mary's Bay
RegionFundy Shore & Annapolis Valley
Scenic DriveEvangeline Trail
Tower Height036ft
Height Above Water040ft
CharacteristicFixed Red (1941)
Still standing:True
Still operating:False