Georges Island Lighthouse Front Range Light

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44° 38' 26.2'' N    -63° 33' 37.2'' W
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44° 38' 26.2'' N    -63° 33' 37.2'' W    Google Map

The First Georges Island Lighthouse
© Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, Department of Transport Lighthouse Collection
The First Georges Island Lighthouse
Shows the consruction of the fort on the island.
In 1916 the lighthouse was destroyed by fire. A temporary red occulting light was established.

Early in January, the light was lit in a new concrete lighthouse of the same design as that built at Louisbourg in 1923. This is the lighthouse that stands on the island today. It is about 200 feet from the lightkeeper�s house, which is still standing.

The light was group occulting white until 1922 when a 4th order dioptric lens was installed. The light was flashing green until 1977. In 1973 a fluorescent red stripe was painted on the south side of the tower and in 1992 an electric lantern was installed.

The concrete light on George's Island with the walls of Fort Charlotte behind it. Note the green light. Taken prior to 1977.

Contributor: Dale (Matthews Vienot, Kathy Brown
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