Georges Island Lighthouse Front Range Light

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44° 38' 26.2'' N    -63° 33' 37.2'' W
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44° 38' 26.2'' N    -63° 33' 37.2'' W    Google Map

Buildings on Georges Island and the First Lighthouse
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Buildings on Georges Island and the First Lighthouse
The first lighthouse on Georges Island was established in 1876. It was located on the western shore, behind the house. The light was two fixed white lights, 20 feet apart vertically. The apparatus of the light in that year was catoptric reflector oil lamps. The structure was a 35 foot white square wooden tower, with a black diamond daymark on the south side, and a red iron lantern. There were various changes over the years to the light. In 1899 the fog bell from the Maughers Beach Lighthouse on McNabs Island was transferred to Georges Island. In 1903 the light was changed to one flashing red light 50 feet high.

Contributor: Dale (Matthews Vienot, Kathy Brown
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