Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool)

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44° 02' 36'' N    -64° 42' 26'' W
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Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool)  After 1997
© Dan Conlin
Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool) After 1997
By 1989 modern navigational aids such as radar and depth finders, made smaller harbour lights were less useful and Fort Point was shut down early in 1989. Many historic lighthouses faced swift demolition when closed or automated, however the Fort Point light had long since become a Liverpool landmark. As early as 1946 federal plans to demolish the old light were stopped by concerns from the Town of Liverpool which began to help with maintenance in the 1950s and by 1970 acquired the surrounding land for a park. Thanks to Liverpool's early interest in lighthouse preservation (at a time when countless lighthouse were demolished) Fort Point lighthouse was acquired by the Province of Nova Scotia, and survives as the fourth oldest remaining light in Nova Scotia (after Sambro, Seal and Havre Boucher).

The Fort Point Lighthouse Museum Interpretive Park opened in September 1997.

Contributor: Dan Conlin
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