Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool)

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44° 02' 36'' N    -64° 42' 26'' W
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     This is a lighthouse to visit. Visitor Info44° 02' 36'' N    -64° 42' 26'' W    Google Map

Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool)
© Courtesy Fort Point Lighthouse Museum Park
Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool)
The lighthouse restored and open to the public.
The lighthouse is a timber combination dwelling and tower in an unusual "hunchbacked" shape.

Contributor: Dan Conlin
Sources: List of Lights: 1864 - 1989, Journals of NS House of Assembly 1854-1868, Parliamentary Sessional Papers 1868-1930, Canadian Coast Guard Dartmouth Records, Municipality of Queen`s County Economic Development and Tourism

Fort Point Lighthouse (Liverpool)   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterLiverpool Harbour
RegionSouth Shore
Scenic DriveLighthouse Route
Tower Height017ft
Height Above Water030ft
CharacteristicFlashing White (1950)
Still standing:True
Still operating:False