Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse

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43° 39' 36'' N    -65° 49' 13.2'' W
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Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse At Sunset, c. 2002
© Josette d’Entremont
Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse At Sunset, c. 2002

The 31-foot wooden tower began its life in Amherst, Nova Scotia, and was moved to Abbott's Harbour in 1922 to replace an earlier light on a pole. The d'Entremont family kept the light for 77 years. In 1990, Father Clarence d'Entremont and other members of the West Pubnico Historical Society created Lighthouse Park (Parc du Phare), with picnic tables and benches near the lighthouse. But the land was privately owned, and the present owner didn't want to be responsible for the care of the decommissioned lighthouse.

On June 24, 2004 the tower was cut into three sections and loaded onto a flatbed truck to be transported a few miles south to the museum. It was a surprise to some of the local residents, who had no idea the lighthouse was going to be moved.