Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse

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43° 39' 36'' N    -65° 49' 13.2'' W
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Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse, 2004
© Josette dEntremont
Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse, 2004
The lighthouse is now newly painted and located at Le Village Historique Acadien
This lighthouse was built on the mainland at Abbotts Harbour in 1922, to replace the previous system of a lantern hoisted on a mast which was located on located on Abbotts Island. The lighthouse is a tapered square timber building 30 feet (9.1m) high. This design is typical of small harbour lighthouses.

When the Department of Fisheries and Oceans sought to pass the lighthouse over to the community, they discovered that it had been built in the wrong place, on private land. A solution for this dilemma was sought. On Thursday, June 24, 2004, it was cut in three pieces and moved on a flatbed truck from Abbott's Harbour Road, Lobster Bay, to "Le Village Historique Acadien" in West Pubnico. Transfer of ownership to Le Village and moving the lighthouse is an excellent way to ensure its interpretation and continued preservation.

Le Village Historique Acadien

Abbotts Harbour Lighthouse   Specs at a glance...

Body of WaterLobster Bay
RegionYarmouth & Acadian Shores
Scenic DriveLighthouse Route
Tower Height031ft
Height Above Water037ft
CharacteristicFixed Green (1992)
Still standing:True
Still operating:False